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I am trying to debug locks interactions between NFSv3 clients and server and i am unable to correctly interpret their exchanges (using wireshark).

rfc1813 NFS Version 3 Protocol Specification says nothing has changed:

6.2 NLM Procedures

The procedures in the NLM version 4 protocol are semantically
the same as those in the NLM version 3 protocol.

but the previous NFS: Network File System Protocol Specification doesn't say anything about NLM.

So far, I've ended up reading Linux kernel source code but I would like to find a documentation that explains how the protocol works, the list of procedures and their use, etc. I think I need the full specification but a statechart would also be nice?

Could someone point me to the correct RFC ?

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It seems like there is no applicable RFC. The OpenGroup seems to have inherited the XNFS specification which is available here:

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