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When I try to set up https (let nginx listen on 443, with the ssl settings) and access my page, the quite surprising thing happens that I see my php code being displayed.

I see this in the nginx config fastcgi_pass;

Does it means nginx direct the php request to port 9000? my setting for https is like this

server {
listen 443;

ssl on;
ssl_certificate /etc/domain_com.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/domain.key;
ssl_protocols SSLv3 TLSv1;


BTW my original structure is haproxy to nginx. Hope someone experienced on this can enlighten me a little bit. Thanks!

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You're missing the location ~ \.php block which passes requests upstream to php-fpm. Copy and paste it from your server block which serves the HTTP web site. Except for the SSL-specific settings, the two server blocks should probably be identical.

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