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Hi forgive my ignorance for I am a humble client side developer...

I am a webapp made up of static HTML and JS. But I want to call an external service via AJAX, this causes some issues with CORS or Cross Domain policy on the browser.

So I need to make a request to MY server http://dev.webapp.com/service

So I want to redirect the /service on the server to http://externaldata.com/service

And return the result.

The Mac boys have acheived this in Apache with a proxy pass:

ProxyPass /service http://externaldata.com/service

Can anybody help with how to do this in IIS?

I have found articles about ARRs and Reverse Proxy, terms that are alien and seem too complicated. As a humble webdev can I do this using IIS GUI?

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There's a fairly straightforward example of what you are trying to accomplish here: http://www.nathanfox.net/blog/4/Cross-domain-AJAX-call-using-IIS-7-and-Microsoft-URL-Rewrite

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