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So, apparently you can't name a table Trigger in SQLServer. Someone in my office found out the hard way porting an application from MySQL, I'm suspicious of whether or not that's a valid table name in MySQL either.

Is there a list of invalid table (or object) names in SQLServer? Is it just all the keywords? I'd imagine SELECT select FROM isn't valid. Is there ever a case where merely adding an underscore to the end of a keyword would still produce an invalid table (or object) name in SQLServer?

Question is in reference to SQLServer 2000 and up, but mainly 2005 and 2008

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I believe you can use SQL server reserved words as object names as long as you wrap them in square brackets:
Select [select] from [select]

However, I would NOT recommend this, and stay away from naming any SQL server objects after reserved names (or words that might be reserved in the future).

There was a list of these words in the SQL server documentation, they are on MSDN.

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Thanks that helps a lot, now I need to take a big long grep – Peter Turner Oct 24 '12 at 18:11

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