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We're setting up a public facing server for Profile Manager use only. Profile Manager uses the following ports:

2195, 2196 TCP Used by Profile Manager to send push notifications 5223 TCP Used to maintain a persistent connection to APNs and receive push notifications 80/443 TCP Provides access to the web interface for Profile Manager admin 1640 TCP Enrollment access to the Certificate Authority

Our internal Security people are asking us to disable the following ports for security reasons:

88: Kerberos 389: LDAP 464: kpasswd 749: Kerberos 5 3659: SASL (Password Server)

1) Can this be done given what we're trying to do (iOS Policy Management via Profile Manager only).

2) What are the Terminal Commands for toggling these ports on and off for testing? 3) Is it better to shut down associated services rather than the ports assuming some ports might be shared?

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