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We have a standard high-availability setup at a co-location facility that we host client programs on. For some programs, we host the DNS, but I find that setting up multiple zones manually can be tedious and prone to error. Is there an easy way to setup a standard zone file template and some how run sed, awk, or some other program to process a set of variables from another file and merge them with the template to create a zone file?

I thought about using m4, but I'm not well versed and it only seems ideal for merging one template at a time.

Ideally, I'd like to take a standard zone file template and merge it with a list like so:


Is there a way to script this?

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I think m4 would be overkill. My first instinct would be bash + sed, but if you have any familiarity with a higher-level language that might be easier. Off the top of my head, I would imagine something like this:

Data file:




for data in $(cat $DATAFILE)
    sed "{ s/DOMAIN/$dom/;
         }" $TEMPLATE > $

And your template zone file would have "DOMAIN" or "IPADDR" where appropriate.

This is completely untested and should be refined before use.

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