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Under my Monit 5.4 installation, I'm interested in suppressing all alerts for a particular service check.

Given the following stanza:

check process nslcd
        with pidfile "/var/run/nslcd/" every 2 cycles
        start program = "/sbin/service nslcd start"
        stop program = "/sbin/service nslcd stop"
        if 10 restarts within 11 cycles then timeout
        if cpu usage > 95% for 11 cycles then restart
        if totalmemory > 64 MB then restart

What is the cleanest approach to suppressing all alerts for all actions on this service check? I'm familiar with the noalert function, but it does not seem to work well for my use case. Other Monit alerts for other services/daemons are fine to continue.

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Did the set non-real e-mail may help? – Paul Rudnitskiy Oct 30 '12 at 11:23
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I simply needed to add an email address to the alert field for each check. Using a fake address sufficed.

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