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Is there a way to place EXIM smtp banner on 1 line instead of 3 lines? The banner starts with 220. I've been searching but can not find a way.

under /etc/exim.conf I have

#todd host's
smtp_banner = "${primary_hostname} ESMTP Exim ${version_number} \
\#${compile_number} ${tod_full} \n\
  We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited, \n\
  and/or bulk e-mail."

do i make that one line?

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May I ask why? Have you tried removing the \n? That may be a newline. – Zoredache Oct 25 '12 at 6:25
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The commenter above is correct, it is the "\n" which is putting newlines in your banner. Quoting the exim_docs definition of smtp_banner:

This string, which is expanded every time it is used, is output as the
initial positive response to an SMTP connection. The default setting is:

smtp_banner = $smtp_active_hostname ESMTP Exim \
  $version_number $tod_full

Failure to expand the string causes a panic error. If you want to create
a multiline response to the initial SMTP connection, use “\n” in the
string at appropriate points, but not at the end.
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