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I'm trying port forwarding on solaris 11. I have a mechine behind a server that use solaris 11. I try to access that mechine from the external port, and forwarded by solaris 11 mechine to that machine using the ip filter. I give ipnat.conf configuration like this:

rdr net0 port 1428 -> port 22

but the response appeared when I tried to remote is connection time out, but if I redirect to a solaris 11 machine itself, the configuration is running well.

I've enabled IP forwarding on the system

root@solaris11:/etc/ipf# ndd -get /dev/ip ip_forwarding

root@solaris11:/etc/ipf# routeadm
              Configuration   Current              Current
                     Option   Configuration        System State
               IPv4 routing   enabled              enabled
               IPv6 routing   disabled             disabled
            IPv4 forwarding   enabled              enabled
            IPv6 forwarding   disabled             disabled

root@solaris11:/etc/ipf# ipadm show-prop
ipv4  forwarding            rw   on           on           off          on,off

is there any configuration that I missed?

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