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I faced a problem. I deployed a VM by size of 500GB on Citrix XenServer and now I want to shrink it, because I don't have enough space for snapshots. Now I want to perform an export/import to do this. I'm wondering if it's possible to import the OVF or OVA image on a smaller Virtual HD? or HD should be the same size?

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I almost got my answer from Citrix manual:

When you create an OVF package, the virtual hard disk images are, by default, allocated the same amount of space as the exported VM. For example, a VM that is allocated 26 GB of space will have a hard disk image that consumes 26 GB of space, regardless of whether or not the VM actually requires it.

So, I can't shrink it in this way! The link below suggests a technique: How to Shrink a Windows VM in XenServer

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What you should do is to first shrink the related disk from Windows. Then try to shrink it from XenServer.

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Currently xenserver does not support shrinking VDI's. – Mert Gülsoy Sep 14 '15 at 14:44

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