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I had a room mate that put a livecd in my desktop and looked around on my machine. I caught him in the act and threw him out.

I haven't had a room mate for a while now and so as to avoid the livecd issue again I encrypted the hard drive, the machine is running centos 6.3.

Is there anyway that I can avoid typing the password in each time if I have usb key in the machine to feed the password to the system?

Additional question.

Is there anything you can suggest to solve the problem I have ? Thanks

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Sorry, RHEL (and by extension CentOS) does not yet support using key material on a USB drive to unlock the boot drive.

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Have you tried a YubiKey?

I take no credit for this, having seen it at SuperUser, but have it on good authority that it works. I'm ordering one for my Truecrypt-encrypted system partitions at the moment.

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