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My host has quoted me this:

Have you checked that your php script runs OK from the command line? The cron process needs to activate the command-line version of php - /usr/bin/php - because it can't by itself process php scripts without an interpreter running. So, I've set the job to run using the command-line.

You can check it by logging into the server using an ssh connection and running the script like so:

/usr/bin/php <script name>

My question is how do I perform this below so that I can run the script:

You can check it by logging into the server using an ssh connection and running the script like so:

/usr/bin/php <script name>

Does it require a particular software to or anything like that? I am a complete novice on this so please explain it to me in with as less technical words as possible.

All my scripts are transferred using filezilla, I don't know if this is important?


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I'm sorry but this is way too basic for Server Fault -- this site is geared toward professional system administrators: We assume that you can figure out how to run ssh and connect to your system. If that is beyond your skills you really need to hire a sysadmin, or spend some time with Google (search for how to use SSH). – voretaq7 Oct 26 '12 at 16:22
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Assuming you are using linux, you can simply open your terminal and then type:

ssh yourusername@yourservername

and then log in with your password.

If you are the windows kind of guy, you may need to install putty and then issue the command above

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