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I have a custom built rpm package which I installed manually (via rpm -Uvh / or yum localinstall). If I do an upgradee from CentOS5 to CentOS6 this package is removed and, because it missing in the official repo, will be not installed again. This package is compatible with CentOS5/6.

If I install this package manually after the upgrade, the content of its config folder is overwritten by default conf.

I've used google and found some solutions, please review and correct:

to skip removing the package during upgrade:

  1. include the package name in /etc/yum/protected.d/protected.conf - doesn't work!
  2. add "exclude=packagename" in /etc/yum.conf - doesn't work!

to keep previous config:

  1. install-options --excludepath


  1. how to keep this package from being removed?
  2. how to keep old package's configuration?
  3. why the yum remove an "alien" package in first place?
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How are you performing this upgrade? And what is the package? – Michael Hampton Oct 27 '12 at 18:55

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