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I know the following setups

  1. use cluster resource and create a physical disk
  2. Assign Disk Signature
  3. Add dependency of SQL of the new disk
  4. bring the disk online

I am not sure if these are the right setups. Can you let me know how to correct it?

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The steps probably look more like this.

  1. Rescan the SCSI bus.
  2. Bring the new disk online
  3. Add the disk as a clustered resource
  4. Add dependency of SQL to the new disk
  5. Attach the database to the SQL Server instance

This can all be scripted between diskpart.exe cluster.exe and sqlcmd.exe.

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Do you have any reference around around using cluster.exe and Sqlcmd.exe? – Nida Sahar Oct 28 '12 at 10:27

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