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On the server I'm making every day a backup with rdiff-backup like: rdiff-backup /home/ /backup/home

Then every week I want to make a rsync backup offside with sshfs like:

rsync -avz /home/server/backup/home /backup/server-home/

This is giving me the following errors:

Fatal Error: Previous backup to /backup/server-home/. seems to have failed.
Rerun rdiff-backup with --check-destination-dir option to revert directory to state    before unsuccessful session.

Does anybody have a good solution to deal with this errors/situation?

*2x edit for typo's

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Can you confirm the error "Previous backup..." is actually from rdiff-backup, not rsync? –  ring0 Mar 19 '13 at 5:39

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Try using the "--delete" option: this causes rsync to delete files from the destination directory if they no longer exist in the source. Also, it's possible that "-H" is required (to preserve hard links)

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