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Can anyone tell me if there is a safe (i.e. data won't be corrupted) a VMFS 5 filesystem under linux, where the VMFS 5 filesystem is already mounted by several ESXi hosts in a vSphere cluster?

Thanks and regards Jason

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I am wanting to copy files without adding additional CPU/IO load to the ESXi hosts. – Jason Tan Oct 29 '12 at 7:13

Why are you interested in doing this? e.g. What problem are you solving?

The safety aspect depends entirely upon what you're doing. If you simply need access to your datastores, you can do so via SSH/SCP, FTP... Maybe even NFS (if using NAS storage for VMWare). Obviously read-only would be non-destructive in any case.

There's the old VMFS driver for Linux, but that only supports older VMFS-3 and is read-only. I'm not sure you even have an option for VMFS-5 without using third-party recovery forensics tools like UFS Explorer.

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