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I've got a Redmine instance (Bitnami Stack) that's unusually slow. Because I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this, I have some theories which I'd like to discuss here. So, if anybody has any ideas about this, please feel free to help :-)


Bitnami Stack with Redmine 1.4.x upgraded to Bitnami Stack with Redmine 2.1.0 like this:

  • mysqldump'd old database
  • installed new Bitnami Stack with Redmine 2.1.0
  • imported the dump cleanly with recreating all tables
  • rake db:migrate and all that

The stack is running on a Virtual Machine with OpenSUSE 12.1. The resources shouldn't be a problem, as there is always multiple gigabytes of free RAM and CPU spikes on Redmine requests go only up to 50% of 2 cpu cores. Also there are only few users accessing it.

What may be totally important: User login is handled via LDAP (ActiveDirectory).


On each request Redmine reacts unusually slow. Sometimes it takes 3 seconds, sometimes even up to 10 seconds to deliver the page.

My thoughts:

  • I don't know if "On-the-fly user creation" is checked in Redmine's LDAP settings, I can only check this one later today. But could the lack of a check here be a problem? Authentication takes a moment, when logging in that's normal and acknowledged. But when not creating the user on the fly, does it keep a session only or does it re-authenticate on each request, so that could be the problem?
  • Is Redmine 2.x maybe so much slower than 1.4.x that it's just plain normal?
  • Is Bitnami's Apache2+Passenger config faulty?
  • MySQL indexes wouldn't be a problem given the fact that MySQL is very calm on the CPU, would it?

One more thing that seems very odd to me, but may be a false measurement result (need to re-check this tomorrow when I see the machine):

I tried to check if it's a network problem (network reacting slow, maybe DNS or something; server is in the local network). It seemed like requests on localhost (Browser directly on the OpenSUSE VM) were fast, but requests over the network weren't. Usually I would think of a network problem, but the strange thing is: When actually measuring connect times, the network is fast as hell. Ping is good, static delivery times too. It seemed like only Redmine-side calculated pages are slowly sent by the application server while Apache's still fast - but only when the request is a remote LAN request. Very strange … but as I mentioned above, I have to re-check this one. It just seems illogical to me.

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Did you get any feedback - or did you find anything? – Anthony Horne Jun 18 '15 at 8:27
This might also be a disk bandwidth or seek time issue. How do things look in top, and in particular, how is hi, the hardware interrupt time? – Falcon Momot Sep 7 '15 at 7:38

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