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a completely new installed Ubuntu Host system (ext4) uses qemu/kvm to virtualize a debian and w2k8r2 system. Both systems are configured to use the virtio drivers. The linux system is working perfectly, however w2k8 apparently cannot cooperate with the virtio block driver and produces a blue screen 1, especially on load (copy files). I've downloaded the virtio-packages for windows from 2 and using the window7 driver package. Additionally I tried several caching methods offered by the kvm-manager without success. The only virtual controller working solid in w2k8 seems to be IDE with the disadvantage of a very poor performance. The virt-manager is used to manage the virtual systems. Qemu/Kvm are based on the offical ubuntu ressources using apt for the installation. Has anyone else see this and have a fix for it? Thank you!

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Why are you using those particular drivers, instead of stable drivers? – Michael Hampton Oct 29 '12 at 15:15

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