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I'm trying to get a VPN set up with internal access only sites.

I have set up a VPN on a windows server (single VPS server), and I can connect from a remote computer and I get an IP assigned correctly (from - 255)

Next I configured IIS (running on the same machine) IP Address and Domain Restrictions to only allow only IP address range with subnet mask

When I connect to the VPN with "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network" (so that requests must go through the vpn), I get a 403 from the internal sites.

What did I miss?

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So after figuring out that I can't ping the server's internal ip from the client and vice versa, and seeing this question, I added the LAN routing service to the server, which allowed pinging. I then added a route as per this question, and now I can connect to sites with restricted IPs.

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