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I've installed chef-server from the chef apt repository using these instructions and everything seems to work until I try to start chef-server.

I'm running Debian Squeeze in a Linux container (LXC).

This is an example of the output I get when I try to start chef-server:

Starting chef-server : ~ In 4977

There does not seem to be any log files for chef-server to give me a hint as to where things are going wrong.

I've checked /proc/user_beancounters and the failcnt is 0 for everything there.

At this point I'm at a loss. Any ideas on what could be wrong or how I might get chef-server to cough up some useful information as to why its failing?

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In your chef-server config file, replace

log_level    :info


log_level    :debug

Now watch your log files to see where exactly it's failing.

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