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I have a data collection job that fails when a Database on the instance is in Recovery Mode. The database in recovery is the MIRROR partner in the database mirror.

The Job that fails is as follows.


The job consists of the following steps

  1. dcexec -u -s 1 -i "INSTANCE03"
  2. EXEC [dbo].[sp syscollector purge collection logs]
  3. dcexec -u -s 1 -i "INSTANCE03"

The job fails at Step 1. I have run the steps manually and they all appear to be ok.

If I change the mirror database to be the principal the job completes successfully.

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Ok Stepping through this issue I have discovered one of the first commands issued is a user on the database. This fails with the following error. Msg 954, Level 14, State 1, Line 1 The database "DatabaseNameDB" cannot be opened. It is acting as a mirror database. Now I guess I need how to work out how to exclude databases from the collection – Dale Wright Jul 23 '09 at 5:29
use on the database not user – Dale Wright Jul 23 '09 at 5:39
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After getting in touch with Microsoft Support. I have now discovered this is fixed in a cumulative update.

Someone delete the question.

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