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I am trying to launch a jar file using a shortcut from desktop but it never works. Can you give me some idea how to do it?

Here is what i am doing:

I create a Launcher and in it's properties set:

java -jar /path/to/jar-file.jar

With this, when i click on shortcut, i click and nothing happens.

However when in the directory if i launch the same jar file using:

java -jar jar-file.jar 

it works fine. What should i do?
I tried to make a shell script which first go in that directory and then launch but it didn't work as the message says command unknown.

Or is there any way in CentOS to create a shortcut to launch terminal in a particurlar directory, so that i can quickly launch the file from terminal rather then everytime i have to traverse through the directories just to launch this jar file.

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