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I am using Varnish 3.0.3

Presently I know how to purge single URLs using this VCL:

if (req.request == "PURGE") {
  if (!client.ip ~ purge) {
      error 405 "Not allowed";
  error 200 "Purged";

I would like to issue a wildcard purge, such as:


Does Varnish support this?

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Using telnet:

telnet serverip 6082
purge req.url == "/images/"
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Although I would have preferred an HTTP approach, this did work well. Thanks Paul. I wound up using varnishadm instead of telnet because our servers require authentication. – Gil Hildebrand Nov 1 '12 at 0:47
Hello, please try: varnishadm -T host:6082 purge req.url == "/images/" – Paul Nov 1 '12 at 4:51

The purge command was renamed to ban.url in Varnish 3.

The correct way would then be

ban.url "/images/*"

You can connect using telnet host:port or varnishadm -T host:port (the default port being 6082)

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