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I need to migrate our exchange 2007 services to a Google Apps account. For the process I am really not sure..

I understand I should start with creating aliases for all email accounts within the exchange server, in Google Apps, and here I'm not sure how am I supposed to explain the Exchange that the DNS have changed without losing emails.''

Second thing is: How can I safely move the up-to 3GB mailboxes from the Exchange server to the new Google Apps accounts? Must it be with Outlook data files? If so, how do I actually upload the data files into the Google Apps account? And if not, what would be a proper way to do so?

Would really appreciate any kind of help.

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Have you read the Exchange Migration Tool's docs? Will you be using the Google Directory Sync Tool for synchronizing your users? Where exactly are you in your Google Apps Deployment plan? – jscott Oct 31 '12 at 16:17

When you launch a new Google Apps account, an "shadow" domain is being created, that serves as an alias for the account's domain. For each user email address, there's also a nick address under that domain. So you should point your Exchange server to that nick address. No need for DNS change.

For the migration task, use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (AKA GAMME).

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They split their accounts in to pods, and have no gateway (E.g.

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More detail would improve this. – Dave M May 19 '14 at 23:13

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