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I am running Nagios 3.2.3 on CentOS 5.7 32bit and I have a bit of a problem scheduling timeperiods. Please help me. Objective, to stop monitoring during server restart (since the server will be restarted and will be restarted automatically because of updates and system backup). The restart is scheduled every 1st Sunday of every month. My monitoring runs 24x7 but during restarts I want to stop the monitoring and resume after 30 mins. So every 1st Sunday I want my schedule to be 00:00-11:30,12:00-24:00. This means that it will stop at 11:30 and resumes on 12:00nn. If I set this on every Sunday there is no problem. But if I set this time on every 1st Sundays, it stops at 11:30 but resumes on the next day (Monday) and not on 12:00nn Sunday. I don't know what I am missing. If I set on regular weekdays there is no problem. But on Offset weekdays (1st Sunday) it doesn`t work the way it should have.

Here is my definition;

define timeperiod{ name 1st_sunday timeperiod_name 1st_sunday alias No monitoring every 1st Sunday thursday 1 00:00-11:30,12:00-24:00 }

define timeperiod{ timeperiod_name irregular alias regular checking use 1st_sunday sunday 08:30-22:00 monday 08:30-22:00 tuesday 08:30-22:00 wednesday 08:30-22:00 thursday 08:30-19:10,19:20-22:00 friday 08:30-22:00 saturday 08:30-22:00 }

Can anyone help me? Please? Thank you.

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