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I'm using CloudFront as a CDN, and my website as an origin for pulls. Basically, I have cdn.mydomain.com pointing over to Cloudfront, and Cloudfront pulls any requests from www.mydomain.com. However, I don't want users to be able to request things like cdn.mydomain.com/default.aspx or cdn.mydomain.com/Robots.txt. In fact, I only want to serve up images, JavaScript files, CSS stylesheets, and other static content.

What I've figured out is somewhat of a hack, though it appears to work. I set the Default behavior to point to an Origin called Null. The Null origin points to null.mydomain.com which doesn't exist, thus any request will just error out. Then, I setup other behaviors for each directory in my website that I want to whitelist. It looks like this:

enter image description here

This appears to work, but is there a better, less hacky solution that I'm missing?

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Yes, a less hacky approach is to just put your static files into an S3 bucket and use the S3 bucket as the origin pull. Leave your webserver out of it altogether.

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