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Our server is using CENTOS uses postfix:

Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/smtpd[30424]: 822A91872F: client=unknown[], sasl_method=PLAIN, sasl_username=ashley@website.co.uk
Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/cleanup[30427]: 822A91872F: message-id=<50925DA5.5090106@website.co.uk>
Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/qmgr[1067]: 822A91872F: from=<ashley@website.co.uk>, size=620, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/virtual[30505]: 822A91872F: to=<ashley@website.co.uk>, relay=virtual, delay=0.12, delays=0.12/0/0/0, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to maildir)
Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/qmgr[1067]: 822A91872F: removed
Nov  1 11:31:52 webserver postfix/smtpd[30424]: disconnect from unknown[]

I have this in my etc/postfix/main.cf:

mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail -a "$EXTENSION"

My etc/procmailrc contains:


I don't think procmail is picking up on my procmailrc as nothing ever gets logged from normal emails.

If i type this:

procmail DEFAULT=/dev/null VERBOSE=yes LOGFILE=/var/log/procmail.log /dev/null </dev/null

I get entries in my log file so i know procmail is working

Am i doing something wrong? am i missing something?

I eventually want my rule to call a php script only if the subject contains "SUPPORT TICKET" and the to is "support@website.co.uk"

but that's once i this issue solved.

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Postfix executes Procmail as the recipient, who presumably does not have write access to /var/log.

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