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Since this question is related to server, also for ubuntu, so i am little bit confused for where to ask this question. SO i decided to ask this question on serverfault.

I am currently using squid proxy server 3.1 with properly configured and working on ubuntu box, but alongwith i have to install squish for checking per user account usage. For squish, i can go through squish source and configured squish with squid but through these tutorials, i am getting only proxy refused error.

Since there is no documentation for squish, i am totally helpless for configure squish with squid proxy server, from a huge research i just found a blank graphical chart on my localhost (running apache server). I can't upload snapshot since i dont have more than 10 repo. Either i missed a few part of squish or there is something else, please have a look on this.

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This is link to squish FAQ. If you have not already seen it. It contains documentation about configuring squish with squid.

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I will go though this FAQ, but it is not working. – shihon Nov 2 '12 at 17:58

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