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When CakePHP create a new Folder or File, its always owned by nobody and is set to 0755 or 0644

and for so i cant run php in SuPHP mode under the cPanel server

to fix this i always run a Cron which set the normal permissions for the new created folders or files ...

how can i make CakePHP to create the new Folders and Files under the ownership of the user who run the CakePHP

Note: all core files of CakePHP and its controllers are runing under the ownership of the user, only new uploaded or created folders or files are set to nobody!

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Just a quick idea - how about mounting the directory on a separate filesystem with a fixed UID?

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thanks but it won't help because the server is runing cPanel and there is many users on the server – Isaak Wahb Nov 4 '12 at 16:52

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