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I am running Solaris 10 on my NFS server. I am struggling with how to setup read-only access to a share from a subnet, but allow read-write access from a system within that subnet.

On the Server:

root@server># share -F nfs -o log,root=,rw=,ro=@192.168.1/24 /export/plaground

The read-write client is able to mount the share, but is not able to write, either as root or a standard user with permissions to the share...

root@client># mount server:/export/playground /mnt
root@client># mount
server:/export/playground on /mnt type nfs (rw,addr=
root@client># ls -axl /mnt
total 90
drwxr-xr-x+ 25 root root    25 Nov  2 11:45 .
drwxr-xr-x  22 root root  4096 Nov  2 11:28 ..
drwxrwxr-x   2 root users    2 Nov  2 11:45 test
root@client># touch /mnt/file.test
touch: cannot touch `/mnt/file.test': Read-only file system
root@client># exit
user@client>$ touch /mnt/test/file.test
touch: cannot touch `/mnt/test/file.test': Read-only file system

I have attempted to adjust the order of the options, but to no success. Putting the read-only option prior to the read-write option does nothing to change the status of the mount.

Any thoughts?

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root@server># share -F nfs -o log,root=@,rw=@,ro=@192.168.1/24 /export/playground

For single IP's you must do the @IP/32, for proper cidr notation.

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