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I would like to monitor postfix with a tool I wrote my self, I need to do it live right after sending, my optimal solution will be somehow make postfix send it's events to a logging system other then rsyslog I am running now, and have this system post to an http url that is local/ or not to the machine, this way I can get the logs realtime on my system

Is there a way to force postfix to this kind of scenario

I am on Ubuntu 12.04

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rsyslog can use a named pipe (fifo) as a destination. If your tool is creates the fifo and listens on it, and you configure rsyslog to send postfix entries to that destination, this will probably be your easiest and cleanest solution. Note that the fifo must be created before rsyslog starts. – Pedro Romano Nov 4 '12 at 11:13
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Postfix uses the system's syslog facility. Whatever that allows you to do, you can use.

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