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I am trying to access my work computer from home. All the computers on my company's network have public IP addresses, but traffic into them is stopped by a firewall, requiring us to us Cisco VPN Anyconnect to access any company services remotely.

Let's say my work computer has ip address A.B.100.200 (A and B are irrelevant). The VPN address is of the form A.B.150.40. When I connect to the VPN, it gives my home computer a client address of 172.E.F.G (I don't think those matter). The .pcf file for anyconnect indicates that it is using port 10000.

I would like to connect to my work computer of A.B.100.200. Is this possible? I would like to use putty from windows to do so. If yes or maybe, any help is greatly appreciated!

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Talk to your IT department. –  EEAA Nov 3 '12 at 12:48
It depends on how the office network has been setup. Normally office intranets has composed of several VLANs like for every floor, building that are bridged together. Most probably you should be able to connect to your computer if VPN server is configured properly. There may be a case that your office computer's network is behind a firewall that may be blocking port 22. For that, try changing the SSH port. –  toxboi Nov 3 '12 at 14:13

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