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I have Hyper-V running on a windows 2008. I got a new ip stack from the data center to be set on my virtual machines. But I have difficulties to set these IPs on my VMs because they are on different network.

my current server ip is with MASK : and the GW is

my new ip stack is

I can use RRAS to achieve this.

Do I need to create another NIC? How do I make these VMs reachable from outside?

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The term is "range" not "stack". IP stack means something entirely different. – Ansgar Wiechers Nov 4 '12 at 14:04

I recommend using separate adapters for host and guest access. Create virtual switches and connect them to the "guest" adapters. Connect your guests to the virtual switches. This will establish layer-2 connectivity between your guests and the switch(es) your physical machine is connected to.

All routing should be handled by the upstream router in your datacenter. Check if the guests can ping the default gateway for the new subnet after you configured them with the new IP address.

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