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I need to query my inbox with powershell recursivly for all "undelivered email returner"...

I have problems with the recursive part...

This is what I got:

$outlook = new-object -com Outlook.Application
$ns = $olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
$mb = $namespace.Folders | ?{$ -match "mailbox"}   
$folder1 = $mb.Folders | ?{$ -match "folder1"}   
$folder1.Folders | %{$}  

$folder1.items | foreach {
if($_.subject -match "undelivered") {...}

This is what I got ... but I have some sort of problem with the recursive part in scripting..

any help would be greate...


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Here's a short script that should help you out. It walks through all folders in a mailbox and outputs their path. You can update the work done in the recursive section to check the items in each folder as it passes through them.

$outlook = New-Object -Com Outlook.Application
$mapi = $outlook.GetNamespace('MAPI')
$mailboxRoot = $mapi.GetDefaultFolder([Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlDefaultFolders]::olFolderInbox).Parent
$walkFolderScriptBlock = {
    foreach ($item in $currentFolder.Folders) {
    	& $walkFolderScriptBlock $item
& $walkFolderScriptBlock $mailboxRoot
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