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Greetings I want to install debian to my server machine however it doesn't have a cd/dvd rom pluggedin thus I am seeking alternative ways to achieve this.


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If you're already running something on said system, you could do a chroot installation. If your machine supports boot-to-usb, you can use the usb installer. If your machine supports PXE you can set up a tftp and bootp server and install over the network.

There are many options. Google for "debian alternate install" to get a good set of instructions. Or decide on one and ask for help in that fashion.

I'm a huge fan of using usb to do the install. It's very like a cd in that you can use the usb disk as a rescue disk, but you can update it :)

Link with way too many ways to install Debian

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Have a look at this: install debian via usb

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You can install from Grub/Lilo. I have done this on several occasions with success. Link

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-If you have a server, where you can install a tftp server, boot pxe is very interesting :

-You can use USB with UNetbootin :

-You can mount an iso image :

-Or (i don't know what do you have actually on your server), you can use an '.exe' to install Debian via a Windows :

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