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We've recently acquired a NetApp/Cisco UCS solution, and I'd like to gather some background knowledge as to the best practices when setting up Hyper-V 2012 on such a solution.

There is an upcoming seminar (in the Netherlands,, but it's in Dutch, and a couple of weeks away... Does anyone have some whitepapers/documentation about such a setup, or hasn't it been done before?

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Following are some useful NetAPP Links, Whitepapers etc. which will help you understand the solution offerings and features unique to NetAPP.

Create a Login (Free - But limited) on NetAPP Communities
This will allow you to interact with the community and or ask NetAPP related questions

If you are a netapp customer, you would or you should then be able to get a "NOW" Login which will let you browse some restricted areas of the site only for customers etc.

WhitePapers and other useful Links :
NetAPP publishes Technical Report known as TR Documents, for most of the famous platforms like Hyper-V, VMWare etc.

NetAPP-Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track

NetAPP Communities - Microsoft Solutions
NetAPP for Microsoft Environments
NetAPP - Hyper-V - Cisco UCS - Cloud Fast Track Document
Netapp hyper v storage best practices

Do read the following Documents whenever you have some time
NetAPP Analyst Reports, WhitePapers, Customer Stories, Research Papers, Technical Reports (TR Documents)

Most important, if you are going to Manage the Storage in your organisation then you should read about the Brain of a NetAPP Box, the Data ONTAP Operating System, current release is 8.1.1 (i think).

Data ONTAP operates in 2 Modes :
a) 7-Mode (Stand Alone Mode but with Dual Controllers / Heads (if Purchased) which make it a HA-Pair.

b) Cluster Mode or C-Mode (In this mode you can add multiple NetAPP controllers to form a cluster and all underlying storage is then very flexible to manage providing seamless data movement and other great benefits.

Data ONTAP Documentation

Hope this helps

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Also read this - might be helpful :… – rihatum Nov 5 '12 at 20:51

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