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2 out of 8 sites have reported not been able to connect to the network this morning, everybody excluding head office use terminal services, i have 2 2008 servers in a pool/farm. My network Cisco and my Cisco partner has already confirmed the network is fine (i can keep solid PINGS on server/machines at other sites too)

No matter what i try (CTRL + ALT + END) also changing resolution and common settings i cannot get the screen to come up.

Some get black screen, some get logon screen. and when logon get a black screen. I've tried logging them off remotely also fresh users + admin accounts

They can connect via our Remote desktop gateway... just not across the network?

help :(

to conclude: Cisco is apparently fine (i can VNC to their PC's!) I can Ping and print from their site. Other remote users are unaffected. black screen?!?! PCs, Laptops + Thin clients having the issue, XP through to windows 7. licenses O K SBS2011

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A black screen on Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services almost always indicates high load or resource contention on the server. – Bernie White Nov 5 '12 at 19:28
both TS have been restarted during day, going to restart SBS in about 1 hour once company is closed – user121246 Nov 5 '12 at 20:16

rebooted everything seemed to of resolved

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