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I'm planning on stacking Dell PowerConnect 6248 switches together. I know that I need one stacking module in each switch, but I'm uncertain about the cabling. Since I only have two switches, do I need to loop them using two cables or will one stacking cable suffice? Thanks!

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You could get away with one. However unlikely, but possible, losing a stacking module would sever the connection between switches, and isolate the stacking function from one another. A second interconnect would provide redundancy, and possibly increased bandwidth between stack members.

This whitepaper has some good information about stacking: Stacking Dell PowerConnect 6200 Series Switches

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Thanks for the answer. However, I'm referring to the cables, not the modules. Each module has two ports and each switch can contain two modules (4 ports/cables). – jamieb Nov 10 '12 at 21:05

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