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I've installed an Ubuntu server on a Windows Server 2008 R2 as a vm and have some unknown problem there.

I set a valid static IP on the Ubuntu server and the Windows server has a valid static IP too. When I use ping the valid IP of the win server from Ubuntu, I catch a duplicate response in the ping results. But that should not be a big problem, no?

Another problem is that I can send and receive HTTP requests and responses on my computer to and from both valid IPs and I can receive responses in the Windows server when I send HTTP request to that ubuntu server, but when I try to receive response from Windows server in Ubuntu with a curl or wget command, I receive "connection reset by peer" instead.

I check the packets transmitted between these machines and I got that the Windows server receives packets from Ubuntu and the state of the Ubuntu is "request sent", but Ubuntu cannot receive the responses. Anyone know why?

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