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I have two different internal domains , where i need to send mail from one domain to another domain using Common Name.


It is from Web, Not from Notes Client.

Reason why I'm using common name is We configured and used the common names for all the employees which we don't want to change

For this Can we do anything on server configuration?

I can see different setting in admin client but sure where or what will fix

From Admin Client->server-> Configuration setting ->Router/SMTP -> Address lookup : Fullname Only

Above will do anything for my issue?

Thanks in Advance

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1.) Are both Domino domains connected with each other?

If they are you can build a route so that emails from jblocks@domain1 are send to tblocks@domain2

2.) How type the users in Domain1 the name from the user in Domain2? It might be needed to build here a directory assistence:

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