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Does anybody have some expirence with udisks, because HAL won't be longer supported on the most linux distribution, so I am thinking of to use udisks

    for UDI in $(hal-find-by-property --key storage.bus --string usb)
    HAL_TMP=`hal-get-property --udi $UDI --key storage.removable.media_available`
    if [ "$HAL_TMP" = "true" ]; then
        HAL_DEV=$(hal-get-property --udi $UDI --key block.device)
        HAL_SIZE=$(hal-get-property --udi $UDI --key storage.removable.media_size)
        HAL_TYPE=$(hal-get-property --udi $UDI --key storage.drive_type)

How do I have to adapt the above mentioned commands but use udisks instead of hal


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I post it on serverfault because this script runs on a server, it checks all connected devices with HL right now. –  MeJ Nov 8 '12 at 6:51

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