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How do I access the current IP address? Is there a way to execute a program every time it changes? I want to make a program that whenever my IP changes, it will use the Amazon Route 53 API and update a record set with its current IP address. Basically, whenever my IP changes, it will tell amazon where its at so that traffic can be directed to it. I have done some perl, python, go, and bash scripting. Though I'd be most comfortable with python or bash.

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You can check your current IP with the ifconfig command. However, if you're behind a NAT that won't show you much.

The best you can do is poll something external that will tell you what your translated IP address is. WhatIsMyIP.com provides a service for doing this. See their IP Automation Rules.

Poll both Route 53 and WhatIsMyIP no more frequently than every 300 seconds. If they are different then update Route 53.

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