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I have a site hosted on Amazon EC2 (USA West) running on a micro-instance. Unfortunately these are the load times as reported from Google Analytics

Avg. Page Load Time (sec): 9.94
Avg. Redirection Time (sec): 0.21
Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec): 0.13
Avg. Server Connection Time (sec): 0.06
Avg. Server Response Time (sec): 2.07
Avg. Page Download Time (sec): 0.16

These, I believe, are times calculated on the first access to the site. They're terrible and would like to drastically improve them. The site itself is quite optimized but what makes up for most of the time is the lag between pressing Enter in the url bar and having the first page elements to return.

I already optimized most of the stuff I could based on input by Google PageSpeed / YSlow.

Some optimizations I could still do are:

  • using nginx instead of Apache (also as a proxy cache)
  • serving static content with CloudFront
  • adding more servers in other regions and load-balancing the requests based on proximity

What else could I do to drastically reduce page-load time to around 2s?

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You have two basic methods to consider: 1) Get the server response time down. 2) Get the page load time down by "flattening" the page so fewer request/response cycles are needed. (You seem to be averaging around 4-5.) –  David Schwartz Nov 7 '12 at 23:40
How does one get the server response time down? Is this within my control? Do I just have to deploy more servers in more regions? –  L. De Leo Nov 7 '12 at 23:47
That's certainly the easiest way. Harder ways start by figuring out exactly what's going on during those 2 seconds. –  David Schwartz Nov 7 '12 at 23:52

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