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I got myself a hard drive that is making funny noises.

I want to check for errors, I want to use smartctl,

This command

[root@defiant ~]# smartctl -V

produces an error:

bash: smartctl: command not found...

yum install smartctl doesn't work. How do I yum install smartctl?

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Find out which package it's contained in:

yum provides */smartctl

Then install the package indicated, which should be smartmontools.

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You can find that it's in the smartmontools package with

yum search all smartctl

and it happens you can install the package directly if you know the full path name to a file in the package, which in this case is:

sudo yum install /usr/sbin/smartctl

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I found it out. You don't install smartctl, you do this:

yum install smartmontools

I found this helpful:

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