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SELinux is still shipping with new version of Linux (like RHEL), and is still heavily used. However, if a problem occur its hard to find a forum post or answer that doesn’t just tell you to turn it off.

Creating your own SELinux policies is not that hard using tools like audit2allow or similar, but finding some good documentation is hard.

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELinux/PolicyGenTools have some links to old projects, but it looks like most of them died in 2006.

As long as you understand the basic of SELinux policy making, there is really no problem creating them in a basic editor, but where is the documentation?

What I really miss is a list of policy macro list, a simple table with macro name, supported attributes and a short description. Have anyone found anything like that? The macros I find and uses now are from examples, but there is really no good way for me to know what they do.

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