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There are a lots a question (and duplicates) on serverfault asking how restart Apache without the passphrase prompt. Two solutions are proposed :

  • removing the password from the key
  • the apache directive that supply the key to Apache (SSLPassPhraseDialog)

This question is not a duplicate of the following one that deals with the two exposed answers: SSL password on apache2 restart

For me it is the same level of security, not necessarily a bad one, but often a bad one.

I'm wondering if it is possible to use KeyChain and an ssh-agent to avoid storing a key without a password or a password in clear in a file, or if there are other alternatives.

This would allow restarting Apache without a passphrase, unless of course the server is rebooted.

Does any body successfully implemented it ?

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No, unfortunately this is not possible. The SSH agent can only prove that you possess a certain private key, it has no functionality to either give access to that key or use it for decrypting a secret.

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