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When i create a website/virtual directory pointing to UNC path, its make our file copy extremely slow on the UNC path.

6 seconds for file copy (~13 M) on the UNC path without any virtual directory/website pointing to it.

over 1 mins. for file copy (same files ~13M) on the same UNC path with virtual directory/website pointing to it.

All file copy operation run on web server side.

Our setting as below: Web server - Windows Server standard R2 2008 / IIS 7.5 File server - Windows Server standard 2003

I have tested this case on 3 servers (Windows Server standard R2 2008 / IIS 7.5) and got same result. I also tested this case on 2 windows 2003 / IIS 6, it won't slow down the file copy.

Is it IIS 7.5 bug? any patch/hotfix to solve this case? Thank you.


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