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I'd installed the redis-server on Ubuntu 12.04 from source. But at somepoint it couldn't get installed fully, failed on last make install cmd.

Then I just installed via apt package.

Now I'm confused which installation is being run with which conf file?

Actually I'd like to uninstall/delete everything that installation via source did and simply want to go with the package installed one.

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Go to source tree and try this command:

make uninstall

If that doesn't work you can list the steps that the software would take to install itself (without actually installing anything):

make -n install
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Following the 'make -n install' I was able to deduce that this should do the trick:

rm /usr/local/bin/redis-*
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I could successfully remove it by using following command on Ubuntu from terminal:

 $ sudo apt-get remove redis-server
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How will that remove the one installed from source? Surely, if anything, that will uninstall precisely the wrong one? – MadHatter Apr 26 '13 at 11:51

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