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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note. I am connecting to an ASA 5505 using NCP as the VPN Client. Connecting is no problem. However, when I try to remote into my server, using xtralogic remote desktop the attempt fails (cannot connect to x.x.x.x on port 3389 after 30000ms). I have several offices that use the same configuration on their ASA 5505s and the same configuration on their servers. I can remote into 3 out of 9 offices with the above configuration. After checking the NCP phone logs I notice the only difference in the logs is that with the 3 offices I can log into I get a line in the logs that reads: VPNSrcPort=10954. This line is completely missing on the systems that I can't remote into. There is no reference to VPNSrcPort on these logs at all. One last piece of information. Remote Desktop from my desktop system works fine. I use a VPN Client to connect and Windows Remote Desktop to remote in.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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