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Some web services calls my web application( I need to test those requests locally, so I'd like to know your opinions about how can I "redirect" those requests to my localhost dev machine(that is outside of my web aplication domain) so I can debug. Probably it's needed a service/server to get those external requests and a desktop application that sends it to localhost:5555/external_update_handler, but I have no idea where to start and simpler options.

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You didn't tell us what server do you use / in general you need to setup reverse proxy. In case your dev machine is accessible from the server, the setup it simple... can be more specific on apache setup – Kamil Šrot Nov 9 '12 at 20:57

Either update your code to hit the local version of on the URL/Host it is accessible on, or you can configure the machine running the web service (the ones making the outbound calls to your web application) and configure a hosts file to force the machine looking up your web app to resolve the domain to a different IP, likely the one that resolves to your local environment,.

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